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The Nebraska legislature is closed down for the year as of May 31st!

This is good news as the elimination of sales tax on precious metals in Nebraska will NOT be passed.

It’s time to celebrate with low prices to buy precious metals….


1 ounce backdate American eagles = $2 over spot (500+ available)

1 ounce backdate Great Britain britannia’s = $1.25 over spot (500+ available)

1 ounce Canadian superman = $1.25 over spot (40 available)

1 ounce backdate Canadian maples = $1.25 over spot (100+ available)

1 ounce buffalo rounds = $1 over spot (500+ available)  

1 ounce Don’t Tread on Me bars = $2 over spot (75 available)

1.25 ounce Canadian bison = $1 over spot (100+ available)


Sold out of specials

Please call (402) 517-2213 to setup an appointment or email coinhuskers@gmail.com to make a purchase. 

Can send pictures of product by email… 

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