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“I would encourage you to use some logic with this ordinance, I do not expect you to, so if you pass this (ordinance)…
I’ll just do what have done already and just move and go where will be treated best.” – Comments I made to the Omaha city council May 1st

The passing of the new Omaha second hand dealer ordinance was the final breaking point for doing business in Omaha.

The city of Omaha does not match my values of liberty, low taxes and having self-reliance.
My existence on this planet is not to support the existence of the state and be a milk cow for them.
I’m not in business to help the city of Omaha expand their authority and lord it over others.
I’m in business to create value by helping provide financial freedom and information in the most financially enslaved nation in the history of the world!
(Yes, the U.S is most financially enslaved nation in human history – the U.S government will treat you as a tax slave (tax you) no matter where you live in the world.)

Coinhuskers will be done doing business in Omaha come the end of August, 2018.
Will be Online ONLY until I can figure out the best option.

The best effective way to fight for freedom for the people of Omaha… is to deprive the city of Omaha of much needed tax revenue to pay their goons and regulate the people of Omaha.

The boiling frog survives when it senses danger and jumps out.

Thank you, to all those who have helped and believe in Freedom!

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