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You have been saying the same thing about the economy for awhile.
Warren Buffett, The News & Donald Trump etc all say the U.S economy is good.

Why would I need a plan B or precious metals?

PG version:
The U.S dollar is losing purchasing power.
You should buy precious metals to preserve your purchasing power.

PG 13 version:
The U.S government is bankrupt & cannot pay its bills.
You should buy precious metals because they have always had purchasing power & if you do not – you are betting against 5,000 years of human
history that you can borrow & print your way to prosperity forever.

How can you solve problems of too much debt, consumption, spending with more debt, more consumption & more spending?
Liking or disliking does not change a thing.
The U.S government is the most bankrupt government in the history of the world.
The entire U.S government is a PONZI SCHEME…

Yes, the US government really is bankrupt. Here’s proof:

The US government is out of options. You’re not.

The US government quietly added $200+ billion to the debt this month alone.

Why would you TRUST the U.S government… which has racked up 20 + trillion in debt & stuck YOU with the bill to pay for it?

Stealing assets from competent people & giving it to people who do not produce anything, how is that going to work in the long run?
We have a phony economy based on about 70% consumption – fueled by borrowing.
A real economy is based on savings, production & investment.

How can you consume your way to prosperity forever?
Since the bailouts of 2008, paper values of stocks & real estate have gone up… but at what cost?
The American people were plundered to bailout the big banks… in such an amount that every mortgage in the U.S could have been paid off.

The entire banking system is depended upon Quantitative Easing – Food Stamps for Banks program (counterfeiting & manipulating interest rates) to stay afloat.
How many more failed government programs (& destructive FED programs) do we have to see: $ for clunkers, TARP, government shutdowns, QE 1, QE 2 & QE 3 etc?
Why would you rely on the most bankrupt government in the history of the world for your retirement?
How long will the insanity go on?

Rational people look at the data & figures And position themselves to have a PLAN B to conditions that may or may not come.

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