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Are you ready to take a stand to this corrupt monetary system?

If you support the notion of sacrifice & force by the state And the most bankrupt government in the history of the world… than this information may not be for you.

If you want Freedom & want ways to help STARVE THE BEAST please read on…

Big Picture Overview:
– We have a debt based money system & a death paradigm.
(Using “debt as money” is about as wise as using straw for homes)
– The current corrupt monetary system is the biggest PONZI SCHEME the world has ever seen.
Taxation is a scam to fund to it.
Most taxes today are only necessary because we a phony monetary system.
– U.S = bankrupt corporation ripping off its own people to stay afloat.
– Why work 4+ months just to pay for the most bankrupt government in the history of the world & for services you do not use?
– The Federal Reserve is America’s third central bank.
(The main cause of our loss prosperity)
– We have a currency crisis throughout the world.
– The concept of AMERICA does not exist.
America was not founded upon paying big taxes… to take care of people at the expense of productive people.
– America was founded upon escaping oppressive taxes of 1-3% on tea, paper & sugar as well as the colonies not being able to issue their own currency (NO CENTRAL BANK FUNNY $)

These are the tax rates under King George compared to now, there’s a big difference

People have knee jerk responses to these statements above:
The U.S is the greatest country in the world.
Well, you are better off here than _____________________ country.
You are unpatriotic if you do not support ______________________.
If you do not like it – leave. Love it or leave it.
If only _______________________ got elected things would change.
My country right or wrong.

The American people are asleep to what has been done to them.
Most Americans do not want to FACE THE FACTS!

Solutions the U.S government is TRYING:
– Extend & Pretend by kicking the PONZI SCHEME down the road.
– Hope & Change a nice slogan without real solutions provided.
– Keynesian policies of improving an economy by borrowing & spending with more spending & more borrowing.
– Bailouts for the big banks. Rich get richer because of bailouts.
Stock prices going up.

– Government wants more control to the problems they created.
– Higher taxes which steals from productive to people to give to others which reduces the standard of living for most.
– Regulations which do not let you buy or sell what you want.
– Inflate your purchasing power away & keeping interest rates low which makes it hard to save.
(This creates borrowers & spenders rather than producers & savers)

Solutions YOU CAN DO:
– Start a Business (write off expenses – gas, meals, mortgage (use for office) etc
– Buy Precious Metals
– Buy Cryptocurrencies
– Be a contractor not an employee.
– Move Abroad. Setup a foreign corporation.
US tax code, allows Americans to pay no tax on the first $100,800 in foreign earned income.
– Move to Puerto Rico and pay absolutely nothing on investment income or corporate dividends.
– Get a passport
– Become a Prior Taxpayer & use Flag Theory method
1. Passport or citizenship in a country that does not tax money earned outside the country or control actions.
U.S will tax you no matter where you live in the world.
2. Legal residence in a tax haven.
3. Business base – where one earns one’s money, ideally somewhere with low corporate tax rates.
4. Asset haven – where one keeps one’s money, ideally somewhere with low taxation of passive income & capital gains.
5. Playground – where one spends one’s money, ideally somewhere with low consumption taxes.

– Tax-Differed IRA’s (option to limit taxes)
If your rulers do not trust you with freedom, why would you trust them with power?
.Voting just decides who gets to steal your $ to give it to other people – advance auction on stolen goods.
.Voting gets your name in a government computer bank.
.Voting is a misallocation of time.
.Voting just encourages the statist thieves to steal more $.

– Book/Articles on this subject to help:

.Rich Dad, Poor Dad – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rich_Dad_Poor_Dad
.Become Your Own Banker – https://www.amazon.com/Becoming-Your-Own-Banker-Infinite/dp/B001NZO1DS

– Movies/Video’s that highlight what is going on today:

V for Vendetta, Hunger Games, Atlas Shrugged, Idocricy, The Matrix, A Few Good Men Courtroom Scene & ANY George Carlin video.

Rational people look at the data & figures And position themselves to have a PLAN B to conditions that may or may not come.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer or an accountant giving tax advice or legal advice just information to help.

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