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1 ounce “backdate American eagles = $22 per ounce  

Can I buy (find) physical precious metals at today’s price?

What’s with the drop in precious metals? 



Price drops in precious metals are blips on the radar screen. They’re wonderful opportunities to add to your position and personal security. Wild swings in prices is all part of the game. It’s an important reminder to understand that you hold physical gold and silver for the long haul. ALL countries that use debt as a medium of exchange follow the course of history downward into decay and ruin. Gold and silver does not need financial statements or the solvency of any particular nation for its value. Gold and silver value does not need to be propped up by the world’s central bank or commercial banks. Gold and silver value is eternal! 

Usually when such price dips occur, it’s due to central banks dumping gold (or silver) onto the market. Those insiders who know this ahead of time then “short” (sell) the market. That means they make a lot of paper profits when the price retreats (goes back up). These clever rascals prop up the value of the dollar (U.S example) by exchanging foreign currencies to buy U.S government debt, held conveniently for them by the Federal Reserve. Central banks often buy up U.S dollars simply to save the dollar from collapsing. Look at the U.S dollar rising vs other currencies temporarily now. 

Hey, it’s like the crew of the Titanic trying to figure out what to do with all that water flooding the bottom of the ship while everyone is sleeping soundly. Yes, we’re still being flooded with printing press dollars with record amounts of funny $ to keep Ponzi Scheme running on full speed. 


The Federal Reserve lowered interest rates to zero again… the annual inflation rate (devaluation of the dollar) continues to outpace the interest you can earn holding U.S dollars.  

U.S banks are still not safe! See below… 


There is not a single fundamental you can really find to support the integrity of the U.S dollar. Nothing has changed. The problem is not fixed. The deficit is like a runaway team of horses.

The insanity rolls on… 

You cannot find physical gold and silver close to today’s spot price because of LOW SUPPLY & HIGH DEMAND! 


Please call (402) 517-2213 or email coinhuskers@gmail.com to make a purchase.

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