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Hello Everyone,
What is going on with gold & silver AND bitcoin?
With bitcoin’s historic rise in price and gold & silver being down.
It is important to understand the big picture.
The pro’s & con’s of both gold/silver & bitcoin (crypto currencies)
Bitcoin is the first scarce digital good.
Thus, bitcoin has attracted attention as a store of value similiar to other scarce goods like precious metals. Bitcoin’s main utility is sending that value over the internet directly without interference from the governement controlled matrix.
People are (thinking about) selling gold & silver to buy bitcoin without understanding bitcoin’s structure, opportunity or challenge.
Thankfully, we have some local people that are knowledgeable about bitcoin, that will help you understand it for free!
There is a bitcoin meet up this Sunday @ noon at Jones Bros Cupcakes in Omaha.
Come on out, if you want to learn…
Ansel bitcoin resources page, it is a full of 2 years of learning.
It’s organized for ease of use – http://bitcoinandmarkets.com/resources/
Good bitcoin starter video’s 
Few other links
Pro’s of Bitcoin
– Bitcoin can be transferred anywhere in the world within minutes with very small transaction fees. (Bank wires can take up to 24 hours. Credit cards often many minutes.)
Is there a faster payment in the world?
– Bitcoin does not need to be propped up by world’s central banks.
– Bitcoin value is not based on financial statements or the solvency of any particular nation.
– Bitcoin protects you from identity theft. Personal information is hidden.
– Bitcoin supply is limited to 21 million coins. It is not inflationary. Value is based upon demand.
– Bitcoin is outside the banking system and government controlled financial matrix.
– Bitcoin is decentralized. It is controlled by its community of users.
– Bitcoin cannot be regulated away. Not Yet 🙂
– No hidden fees involved.
– Bitcoin has never accepted a bailout.
– Bitcoin represents FREEDOM! You are in control of your $!
Con’s of Bitcoin
– If the power goes out, bitcoin is hard to use. Example: Puerto Rico. (There is offline solutions such as opendime & satellite)
– If you lose your password or phone or computer there goes your bitcoin value.
– How do you put a “true” value on the price of bitcoin?
– Bitcoin is subject to capital gains taxes.
– The learning curve for new users.
– What is the supply & demand conditions?
Pro’s of Gold & Silver
– Gold & silver has no credit or currency risk.
– Gold & silver does not need to be propped up by world’s central banks.
– Gold & silver value is not based on financial statements or the solvency of any particular nation.
– Gold & silver value is eternal. Always will have value.
– Gold & silver is outside the banking system & government controlled financial matrix.
– No hidden fees involved.
– Gold & silver has never accepted a bailout.
– Gold & silver represent FREEDOM! You are in control of your $.
Con’s of Gold & Silver
– Gold & silver prices are manipulated, you are playing in a rigged game.
– Gold & silver has no yield or pays no interest.
– Storage costs & fees
– Gold & silver are subject to capital gains tax.
– How do you put a “true” value on the price of gold & silver?
– What is the supply & demand conditions?
Why you should consider gold & silver AND bitcoin as part of your portfolio? 
There is not a single fundamental to support the integrity of Federal Reserve Notes (U.S dollars)
Over 90% of U.S dollars exist in digital form on computer screens.
The U.S dollar is centralized & completely controlled by unelected & unaccountable bankers who control our entire currency supply.
Nothing has changed… since the entire financial system got bailed out in 2008.
How can you solve problems of too much debt, consumption & spending with more debt, more consumption & more spending?
Why buy gold & silver when it is going down? 
Usually, when price dips occur it is central banks dumping gold onto the market to suppress the price or the dollar is being artificially propped up verses other currencies.
(Other factors play a role as well)
Price retractions in precious metals are only blips on the radar screen.
They are wonderful opportunities to add to your position & security.
Wouldn’t it be wise for you to secure your life raft (precious metals) & hope you never have to use it?
Why buy bitcoin when it is going up? 
For any currency to succeed it needs people to understand it.
Bitcoin’s understanding continues to grow & grow.
Speculating (human greed factor) it will continue to go up, as with any market should be examined. This is where we are at with bitcoin at the moment.
Bitcoin has a place in your portfolio.
Bitcoin is a swiss bank account in your pocket.
What is the best value right now?
Bitcoin market cap = 263 billion as of 12/8/17
Silver annual market cap = 16 billion
1 billion ounces mined @ $16
Bitcoin = $16,000
Gold = $1,250
Silver = $15.80
It takes about 79 ounces of silver to buy an ounce of gold.
What are the chances of silver going from $16 to $32 or gold going from $1,250 to $2,500 or bitcoin from $16,000 to $32,000?
Silver looks to be a safe bet at the moment.
With, a 5,000 year price history & already going to $32 several times in history.
Will bitcoin double in price before gold & silver?

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